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And we loved with a love that was more than love. Me and my
Anabel lee


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User Picture.. ~ 07/10/12, 12:28pm
Awesome looking!!!
my tester ~ 07/10/12, 3:05pm
Thank you
User Picture.. ~ 07/10/12, 3:12pm
very welcome.
User Picture.. ~ 07/09/12, 7:54pm
It's up on my page. [jumping]
curious on one thing - there are no contact buttons.[shrugs] If I make some, where would they line up?? Above the sig would be perfect!! [wink]
my tester ~ 07/09/12, 8:07pm
oh crap ill fix it and lets ya know oops
User Picture.. ~ 07/09/12, 8:15pm
it's all good .. things happen. [lol]
my tester ~ 07/09/12, 8:26pm
ok all fixed its the live learn love words on the quote. edited it already so you can go get the code. I don't know if it changes automatically so that's the best thing to do :)
User Picture.. ~ 07/09/12, 6:45pm
Gonna start on a name tag and siggy .. what's the font? - Love it .. OMG - can't wait to use it.
my tester ~ 07/09/12, 6:47pm
font is 3 grammes 5
User Picture.. ~ 07/09/12, 7:02pm
[yay] Thank you lovie!!! [love]
User Picture.. ~ 07/09/12, 6:37pm
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! If only you could have heard me scream. Yes, it was loud. I LOVE IT!!!! [jumping][jumping] [yay] [love][love]
my tester ~ 07/09/12, 6:46pm
Hollikins ~ 07/09/12, 5:05pm
[jumping] Oh sweetie this is awesome [love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/28/12, 1:26pm
I like this layout. I like curly brackets and symmetry.
my tester ~ 06/28/12, 1:35pm
Thank you very much and you should feel proud I found what I messed up thanks to the web developer thing!!!!
User Picture.. ~ 06/26/12, 6:25am
Prescription Happiness ~ 06/26/12, 5:44am
say that again [lol]
Im frustrtated grrr...
this is kool, I love the skem lizard around the pix.. thats awesum =)
my tester ~ 06/26/12, 12:25pm
Thank you for the layout comment and rating. Yeah drew the lizard I'm actually pretty content with it. I think my husband is getting jealous of the site already [lol] I spent all night working on the code for this.
Prescription Happiness ~ 06/26/12, 4:52pm
all this new stuff is confusing me [lol]
i hope this is right =p its awesum.. you did a great job with him.. lol yeah sometimes the hrs can go quick when your concentrating on codes lol

i dunno if it worked from before but I have 3 accs.. this one & a muck around one & a personal one I dont use lmfao
User Picture.. ~ 06/26/12, 1:50am
U has a naked man singing on ya profile [lol]
Prescription Happiness ~ 06/24/12, 2:27pm
mmm NUTELLA~!! lol I dont buy it very often otherwise I sit down & make a pig of myself plus ppl get madd at me for eating it all [lol] suxx you have allergies your missing out on some good shit lmfao choccy is my drug of choice [lol]

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