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I am from Puerto Rico. I am married to one of the nicest persons I know who loves me just the way I am faults and all. I have a handsome little boy that I call my little monster. He has turned my life upside down, but in a good way.
I love pasta and food in general. Yes I can be weird and like somewhat burnt chocolate chip cookies :)

I consider myself a great friend and will bend over backwards for my friends. I hate fights or arguments, in exceptions to the ones I have with my love. I think life is too short to waste on them. I try not to pick sides but sometimes I do and if i don't and I still you think you did wrong I will tell you. I try not to stay mad at people, to much energy loss I can use on something else.

I love the beach and I guess since I can't be at my little island Rochester and its lakes will have to do. I love sitting and staring at the water it gives me peace and its so beautiful.

I am a Graphic Designer and I hope to get a job in this career because I do enjoy it.

I try to be opened minded things in life have taught me you have to be.

If you treat me nice I will do the same, if you treat me badly I still probably will still be nice to you because it's the way I am but don't be fooled I can be mean too but only when people deserve it.

So don't be afraid and say hi and if you have a question just ask :D


Sure why not... for now for SKEM9 LAYOUTS

* Be descriptive and detailed
* If you give me an image that is not yours make sure you have the creators consent to use it.
*DO NOT DEMAND OR BE DISRESPECTFUL you ain't buying it so chill
*if you read my about me you know I'm a wife and mommy if not now you know. So please understand I can't make things in a day might take me a few.
* Inbox the request please or it probably will be ignored.
*NOTHING violent ,pornographic, racist nor discriminatory work.

That is all any

Weapons of Choice

*sketch book
*photoshop cs4
*Illustrator cs4

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twineagle1124 ~ 07/01/14, 10:26pm
Long time no see how's everyone doing
Hollikins ~ 11/07/12, 3:50am
hey hunny [bunny] miss ya!!!
sweetLAchick ~ 09/17/12, 8:17pm
happy birthday!
User Picture.. ~ 09/18/12, 1:21pm
Thank you.
AnGella ~ 09/17/12, 8:02pm
Happy Birthday!
User Picture.. ~ 09/18/12, 1:21pm
Thanks hon
User Picture.. ~ 09/17/12, 7:03pm
Happy Birthday!
User Picture.. ~ 09/18/12, 1:21pm
Thank you!
User Picture.. ~ 09/17/12, 11:34am
Happy Birthday!
User Picture.. ~ 09/17/12, 12:12pm
Thank you :)
Hollikins ~ 09/08/12, 8:07pm
[girllove] me loves you more!!
User Picture.. ~ 08/30/12, 10:14am
Thanks much, ma'am. You do the same. [smile]
Hollikins ~ 08/22/12, 10:09pm
are you hiding on yahoo!!! OMG I have to talk to you!! [kisses]
Prescription Happiness ~ 07/23/12, 2:43pm
yeah just a lil [lol]
Im still battling but I will figure it all out one day. I wont let my tourettes win out [lol]

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