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I am a stay at home Mom to a beautiful baby girl named Jazelle. She was born on 09/14/12, the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love every minute! [love]
[yay] Skem9 is back!! I was a member a long time ago and loved it here and so happy it's up and running again! I actually stopped making images shortly after. I started a myspace image request site that went good for a while and then "life" happened and I couldn't do it anymore. So to say the least, skem9 being back has made me realize how much I missed it and I can't wait to start learning image making. So bare with me while I try to teach myself... once again! [lol]

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AnGella ~ 10/01/12, 2:05am
Did you have your little one yet? Miss ya!
Megalina ~ 12/29/16, 2:56am
Are you still on here?!
my tester ~ 07/09/12, 6:21pm
hope all is good sweetie
Megalina ~ 07/09/12, 8:34pm
Thanks Yesi [love] Things are good. They are doing more tests, I guess they are still baffled why I have protein in my pee without having all the other preeclampsia signs. Doctor ordered me out of work for 3 days to do a bunch of blood work and another 24 hr pee test. YUCK! But I guess it's good they are being thorough. How you been? [girllove]
User Picture.. ~ 07/07/12, 5:39am
User Picture..
Megalina ~ 07/09/12, 8:25pm
OMG I love it hun! Thank you so so much!!!! [love] xoxo
User Picture.. ~ 07/09/12, 9:40pm
your welcome glad you like it
Hollikins ~ 06/29/12, 4:35pm
User Picture.. for the layout comment and rating [love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/29/12, 2:20pm
Thank you sweety girl [love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/28/12, 4:09am
A thank you gift for all of your help since I have came back :) hope ya like User Picture..
User Picture.. ~ 06/26/12, 5:17pm
Thank-you for the layout comment [happy][love]
Prescription Happiness ~ 06/26/12, 4:54pm
thankyou for the layout comment [love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/26/12, 12:39pm
Thanks you [love]
Hollikins ~ 06/26/12, 6:28am
User Picture.. for the layout comment and rating!!!

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