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shonna ~ 06/02/12, 10:45pm
hi just stoppen by showen some love today ...hope all is well with you.hugs shonna
LaDii ReD ~ 08/13/12, 6:12pm
thank u!! mii computer isnt up and running yet...so0o i have to come to the library to get on..soo thats whii i dont get on much.. but thanx for the love!! ;]
LaDii ReD ~ 01/09/13, 5:02am
ty!! sorrii i havent been on latelii..reallii busii with home life. thank u for the love!! hope all is well with you!! hugs!! ;]
Deb ~ 05/24/12, 3:11am
hey girl you need a pic!!!!
LaDii ReD ~ 08/13/12, 6:13pm
i kno...i dont have mii computer up and runnin yet..need to buy a battery and battery charger for its not a cheap laptop :/
Deb ~ 05/22/12, 10:47pm
Hey girl, glad to see you came back to the site!! I have been wondering how you have been.... John told me a lot about ya!


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