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WT ~ 10/27/12, 4:58pm
Your using one of my layouts how cool thank you!!
Lise ~ 11/15/12, 3:09pm
Sure... I love this. Thanks hon.
AnGella ~ 06/21/12, 2:34am
Sorry for the major delay on that layout! I had a surprise visit from my dad and then found out I'm [preggo] and have been very tired. I will try to get this tomorrow.
Lise ~ 10/14/12, 10:10pm
Don't worry about it hon. You have tons on your plate now... just be healthy. I don't get in here enough anyways. MY BAD
Lise ~ 08/25/14, 7:29pm
Look at the cute baby... OMG... so adorable.
User Picture.. ~ 06/07/12, 11:49pm
LMARO [love]
X ~ 06/06/12, 7:40pm
User Picture.. Good to see you, also!! So tickled the site is back up and running!!!
AnGella ~ 06/06/12, 5:30pm
I will have to re do it since I didn't save the coding, but I will get it posted as soon as possible. :)
User Picture.. ~ 06/06/12, 12:44pm
[lol] @ pepto pink [lol] Thaaaaaaaaaaanks [love]
shonna ~ 05/25/12, 9:42pm
hey hey.....
User Picture.. ~ 05/20/12, 10:58am
Have a fantabulous day. Now i Have to start designing something other than facebook covers. John posted that there won't be myspace, but I hope he realizes that myspace layouts are the same as sitemodel and people will come here for them when any of us start posting over there.
. ~ 05/20/12, 4:01am
thanks for the buddy up =)
Deb ~ 05/20/12, 2:10am
Thanks and glad to be back!!! I always told everyone he would bring it back up and running and he did!!! <3

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