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Rainbow Cone
Rainbow Cone
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Rubics Cube
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~ Scott Adams

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I have 3 kids
I work at the local movie theater
I have 2 dogs and 1 cat
I hate bugs
I collect recipes
I love to put together puzzles
I am an avid reader
Please pardon the dust - I'm having to relearn all the tips and tricks of making layouts, so consequently this site is constantly changing! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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User Picture.. ~ 06/10/12, 1:07am
This is gorgeous! Awesome job!! Thank you for the layout comments:}
User Picture.. ~ 06/09/12, 3:02pm
Oh that font [lol]. That is one of my favorites that I stole from Diamond way back. Kristen ITC.
User Picture.. ~ 06/09/12, 10:54am
Thank you Mel for the compliments. I have never stopped making layouts, very addictive. An addict finds a source somewhere, right? Thank goodness for Angella and Skemaholics Anonymous. I have spent the years over there playing:} The font I used on the Dreams layout is Frizzed BRK. You can get if free at
User Picture.. ~ 06/08/12, 12:39pm
this is really pretty! hugs !
User Picture.. ~ 06/08/12, 10:51am
Awesome job Mel! Beautiful and I love the color. Ref your buttons, remember in the old Skem Coding we had to add 15 px to the height of the add button? This one is like that too. If your buttons are 130x50 px in height put in your coding 130 width, 70 height. You can play with that until you get it spaced correctly. Do this only for the add button and add hover button. Put the block and message buttons in at the correct width/height in the coding.
AnGella ~ 06/07/12, 8:14pm
Thanks so much! It sure was fun to make. :)
User Picture.. ~ 06/06/12, 5:24am
It's fixed now. I had a black background image in the typing box under the comments & like a dummy I deleted the image from my PB & so it deleted it from the layout so I had to go back & fix it lol.
User Picture.. ~ 06/06/12, 4:57am
Hey hun,do me a favor & grab the code again because like a dummy i deleted the image that belongs in the comments section on this layout. But I feel really honored that you're using it & want to say thank you so much :)
Megalina ~ 06/05/12, 3:14pm
Thank you so so much for the layout comment & rating [love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/05/12, 2:00pm

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