for the search, my way to preload images! haha
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It's a BOY
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User Picture.. ~ 06/21/12, 1:33am
BIG TY sweety!! Will fix the layout for you...not sure if u can see the faults or if it's just Chrome making me see them [lol][love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/27/12, 3:35am
replied back to you in message you sent in my inbox about the images to layout im using you can get from the coding only thing wrong i see when using it now is search bar wrong place black over home generators ect
User Picture.. ~ 06/27/12, 6:54am
yep that's what I see too [lol]...not feeling too well at moment but will work on fixing it soon hun [love]
User Picture.. ~ 06/27/12, 1:57pm
thats ok im using layout you made a cookie moment i love it hope you feel better :)
User Picture.. ~ 06/16/12, 12:06am
Ooh would love them please...then I can remake this layout without the black bits for y a[lol] [love]
Yohn ~ 06/08/12, 5:59pm
heyyy, for your image name, use a site like or to host the image so the url is shorter [smile]
shonna ~ 06/02/12, 4:44pm
hi just stoppen by showen some love today ...hope all is well with you.hugs shonna
User Picture.. ~ 05/24/12, 12:43am
CathyKat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back hun!! [love]
User Picture.. ~ 05/23/12, 5:41pm
Welcome back, Cathy.


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