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Mel Wonderland

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  • Texas, US
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  • 02/04/14, 10:31pm
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Music to My Ears

Mel // English & Spanish
Gamer a& Blogger. College Bound. Feminist. Pansexual. Art & Film Enthusiast. Batman Nostalgic.

Curiouser & Curiouser
Formally .45 Caliber Layouts
I used to make layouts before the Skem9 first went down. If you have any questions, below is my Q & A.

Q: What kind of layouts do you specialize in?
A: MySpace (Old School) and Tumblr
Q: Can I request a custom layout?
A: Refer to the next question.
Q: When will you start designing layouts again?
A: I'm on hiatus, but I might make a comeback once I have laptop or PC.

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