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hi! my name is Stevie and I'm 27 years old.
i love to draw and write. i am fascinated by the smallest things in life. you can say i am easily amused. it's just the way i am. expressing myself through art allows me to portray my inner thoughts and emotions. art is my anti-depression.

i have a lot of dramas in my past that's really hard for me to trust people. i know that a lot of people on here have issues, so like them, i have my own memories that i want to erase out of my life as well. it's just not so easy being me sometimes.i don't like confrontations. i don't like liars, cheaters, hypocrites, and a lot of things. i am not uptight. I'm pretty carefree when you learn to know me.

i try to live my life the best i can and independently. i don't like relying on other people, besides my boyfriend. i like to smile and i like to cry. i want to feel whatever my heart tells me to do.don't force yourself to do or become someone that you're not. it's okay to be complicated. that's how you learn to find yourself...

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