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Katie Holmes (or anyone born on December 18) is so darn lovable , people just naturally want to be with her. She is the glue that holds a family or a group of friends together and reminds everyone to keep in touch.

Like Katie, people born on December 18 are often independent single parents who have no problem committing to the role of mother, father, and breadwinner all at the same time. If for some reason Katie and Tom didn't marry, Katie could easily raise her daughter, Suri , on her own.

Tom Cruise (or anyone born on July 3) is a "serial monogamist." When he is in a relationship he is genuinely committed to his partner - until he decides that relationship is over. Then he moves on to the next monogamous relationship.

People born on July 3 are likely to have three or more marriages and Tom is no exception. Here are some of the reasons why: Like other people born on July 3, Tom is undecided about what is most important to him. Family, fame, and fortune are all values that Tom is learning to prioritize. He likes variety in his relationships and he often gets bored with just one person. Emotionally he keeps his distance from the very person he should be open and vulnerable with because he deep down he doesn't want to get hurt. Rather than show his vulnerabilities to his partner, he prefers to end the relationship and find someone new who doesn't know him as well.

Like other people born on July 3, Tom has enormous charm and personal magnetism. He can easily attract a new partner , so why stick around in a relationship that's not working when so many hopefuls are waiting in the wings?

In April 2005 when Tom called Katie for the first time, Tom's Subtle Energy Blueprint 锟?showed that he would initiate a love relationship with Katie Holmes. (Her Subtle Energy Blueprint 锟?appeared within his.) This relationship was destined to bring two lovers together who had shared past lives.

In April 2005 Katie's Subtle Energy Blueprint 锟?showed that her career ambitions were at the top of her mind. However, powerful energies were present that would cause her to change her career plans. According to her blueprint, she would be taking a "secret trip" and her closest circle of friends would change forever.

Tom and Katie are extremely attracted to each other and very compatible. Their love and affection for each other is not just Hollywood hype. On a deeper level, they have another purpose for being together. They are teaching each other cosmic lessons having to do with personal transformation. Although it could occasionally appear as though they are bickering and critical of each other, they have a higher purpose for pointing out each other's shortcomings. When all is said and done , getting to be with Katie is Tom's reward for making certain changes in his life that fulfill his life's purpose.

It's interesting that Tom and Katie have chosen November 18 for their wedding date. Getting married on that day signifies that they want to be considered "important" (VIPs, Big Shots, Top Gun, . . . you get the picture) and that they intend to spend lavishly on each other as the object of their affection. Their lives together will be very creative, stimulating, and fast moving. Their marriage will be financially sound.
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Krista Goering has been a Master Reader of Relationships for more than 10 years. She brings a knowledge of human nature , astrology and the Subtle Energy Blueprint (TM) to do readings of peoples relationships. Your birthday tells a lot about you and the person you are in a relationship with. To learn the Secrets of Celebrity Relationships, visit her new blog at http: blog.

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Ryan Gosling, left, and Emma Stone introduce a performance at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017 , at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris PizzelloInvisionAP)

And the red carpet goes to ... the women in red, for one, with equal accolades for shiny and shimmery gold worthy of the Oscars, this and all years.

Long sleeves and belts played major roles Sunday in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theatre, along with a beautiful Janelle Monae, transformed in Elie Saab Haute Couture into a busy but fabulous fashion city of black tulle , birds, lace, feathers, sequins, crystal stones and a head piece that served as the perfect topper.

There were some midnight blues, including Meryl Streep's sparkly Elie Saab with trousers , and a smattering of blah black. Among the night's trends were velvet, worn Old Hollywood style by Henson, Brie Larson and Michelle Williams, and metallics, including a fierce Charlize Theron, Emma Stone and Jessica Biel.

All in all , the clunkers were few.

Some highlights:



Viola Davis rocked the color as she picked up a best supporting actress Oscar for her role in "Fences." She wore silk Armani Prive in vermillion, with the perfect halter neck falling into a pleated capelet effect off the shoulders. Her short hair with bangs swept to one side let the dress shine and she kept jewelry to a minimum.

"It was a perfect shade of red on her," said Adam Glassman, creative director for O magazine and a special correspondent for Extra TV. "The color red was a symbol of hope and optimism. We are living in dark times, and perhaps by choosing red she is symbolizing HOPE. The gown was sensual and elegant at the same time. The draped capelet detail was so flattering on her. Her body looked amazing in it. It was stylish without trying too hard."

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