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Drop Jordan seems to have their sights set on blowing the NBA All-Stars out of the water with there already being word that the event and the host city itself are going to receive yet another Sneakers tribute. Set to debut alongside the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “LA”, a slick All-Stars weekend tribute sportswear slated for a February release, the Air Jordan 9 “LA” continues to prove that Air Jordan will go out of their way to ensure that they leave a lasting impression on what is inadvertently the world’s largest marketing platform.

Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96’s ninth edition of his trademark sportswear gets a revitalized aesthetic uplift in readiness for one of the largest affairs in World Basketball. The sneaker’s architecture in its entirety deviates along two color lines with the upper body comprising a pitch black nubuck that shares residence with a snow-white shade that takes up the final third of the top region. It wraps beautifully around the sneakers contours before taking over the entirety of the nether end.

Going back to the front, the reflective white accented laces gorgeously snake around the onyx-esque tongue terminating in a lovely twisted bunch near the entrance to the collar circumference. The insole, on the other hand, borrows a leaf from the adidas NMD Singapore Retro High OG “LA”, as these new Jordans also include a beautifully poised map of the LA area laid out splendidly across the obsidian insole.

Cheap Air Max the look is a partially translucent candle-esque outsole that is complimented alluringly by a soot black Jumpan man at the posterior end of the base. A similarly colored trademark company logo is also featured within an extended section of the serrated white midsole near the edge of the heel area.

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