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06/06/12, 5:16am
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Made by me. I used this website for the logo

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annashetty ~ 01/08/19, 8:25am

I will embark on doing it. Hope you can continue to contribute your talents in this area. Thank you.
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imarkroger ~ 11/16/18, 8:02pm
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MichaelCurtis ~ 03/07/18, 12:45pm
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MichaelCurtis ~ 03/02/18, 11:16am
This image is quite nice to see, honestly! If I could see some more images like this @moiseskeppler/steam-vacuum-cleaners-for-maintenance-of-public-places-fe9d5705ee0b">here, it would be perfect for me. I hope that I will not be disappointed and given what I seek.
MichaelCurtis ~ 02/05/18, 2:14pm
If you're new to logo designing, then I'd say that this is a really good design. You could, though, read the review to get a better sense of designing. At least those guys have helped me with all of it.
muhammad imam wahyudi ~ 07/29/12, 9:10pm

There are two main points are important reasons to consider the civil servants and / or the Government, why the budget is needed in the management of the State / Local;

1.For guarantee the existence of the State / Region, and

2.Untuk finance the management of the State / Region which includes among others, the administration, development, and service to the community.

Therefore, the state or county budgets are still fresh in the absolute need to perform their function on the main pelaksanaannya.Tujuan the target will be achieved from the target countries / regions is to create well-being of the whole community, menjamain going on to fulfill the rights of all people indnesia and the financing of all public services.

Budget formulation process is in state / regional government may need to be open and transparan.Keterbukaannya that will bring prosperity to the people of Indonesia, with the arrangement is as follows:

1.Pengumuman budget policy.

2.Ketersedian dolumen budget and to be easily accessed by the public.

3.Laporan annual liability on time and in accordance with the mechanisms of accountability (accountability), to the public.

4.Meningkatkannya voice / sound proposal should be accepted and can be fought.

5.Adanya system for providing information to the community that will be contained in the regulations.


1.Filosofi Budget, Budget Sources From Where?

In effect the State Budget / Region is a major budget money rakyat.Sumber Country / Region rakyat.Uang money comes from the people who serve as the source of life's budget comes from taxes, restribusi, state, hibah.pinjaman / debt above the call of the people by the Government, income and other things that sa ... h.

2.Mengapa budget required by state / region?

There are two main reasons why the budget is an important principal is required in the management of the State / Region:

1.For guarantee the existence of the State / Region, and

2.Untuk finance the management of the State / Region which includes among others, the administration, development, and service to the community.

Therefore, countries or regions msih absolutely need to run fresh in fungsinya.Tujuan budget that will be achieved primarily Megara / area is to create a welfare society, will ensure the fulfillment of people's rights, and finance services to the community.

Budgeting process in the countries / regions should be conducted openly and that is what will transparan.Keterbukaan towards people's welfare in the presence of:

1.Pengumuman budget policy.

2.Ketersediaan budget documents and easily be accessed by the public.

3.Laporan annual liability on time and in accordance with the mechanisms of accountability (accountability) to the public.

4.Meningkatnya voice / proposals received by the people and fought for.

5.Adanya system of providing information to the public contained in the regulations.

So that the budget can actually be managed properly, the principles that should be considered and implemented by the government so that no vacuum will create leisure and welfare rakyat.Prinsip principles are;


Teretib meaningfully in the management of state finances must follow the rules set procedures or things kehidupan.Contoh applicable standard in a very simple application of the principle happened regularity tertibadalah ticket.Agar sales, ticket sales should be done well in doing antrean.Begitu examination must have their code of ethics or procedures that are commonly accepted.

Obey the legislation.

The second principle is this means the financial management of the state must follow and obey the laws and regulations applicable standard in stages, starting from the highest to the lowest.


Efficient in the sense of the word everyday is meaningful at all "the accuracy of the inner workings of running things without wasting time, effort, and biaaya". According to the understanding of the budget, efficiency refers to the execution of state budget diysahakan with limited resources to achieve goals set out in a short time and can dipertanggungjawababkan.

* How far the Government Should Be Limited?

The answer was: "if the country is characterized by the rule of law (Rule Of Law), are generally not concerned with the norms of justice, or to a collection of moral values, as long as the law is not doing anything wrong action to prevent the competition of market economy countries.

* Is the Motto of the Government to Come!

Creating a world market economy, which was proposed and described in the sense create the world that offers choice and protect the autonomy of each human being to make a choice? "Including the autonomy to make choices is a shift of genetic manipulation capabilities based on the legacy handed down to an ability that is engineered or an ability that can be strengthened through molecular biology.

* If not us who appreciate, who else?

Whether we like it or not, "history that would have brought into a type of state to speak. No country can guarantee the safety of its citizens from economic destruction weapons, and no country can effectively control the lives of its economy or its currency factors sendir.Tentu only the state can not protect citizens from threats such as transnational penepisan ozone layer, warming globalization, and epidemics of infectious diseases.

Not necessarily be able to do tasks or ideals of the market economy to do these things, very simple and probably very honest! "Of simplicity it will be even more apparent associated with social responsibility (Social Responsibility).

And as the "nation state", many have found through a process we call "long war". In the era of economic globalization is the mobility crisis, and of the extent to which the analysis said to have the charm of debate among the group itself, there many reasons to explain the existence of "economic decline and destruction of its validity".

Our country is a modern country that has a long way in sejarahnya.Pada 19 and 20 th century we can trace their origins to the present, not even giving guidance signs which can be surprising as the history of his journey. "Modern country like Indonesia", linking strategic planning with the stories of the changes in military technology and also then require a change into an economic strategy which spread its wings into the "Territorial State".

In my opinion my opinion, is not konsdusif once, in a constitutional case no such thing kita.Tidak country principle, to execute a legal basic rights of man, from the protection of freedom
of association, opinion, political, social, civic, education, equality and opportunity, equality, economic and cultural and other rights are excluded from the legal rights dasariahnya away from public oversight jangkuan much.

Shackles facing today is made into the morbidity of the state system of ecosystem operandi, what happened? "Melencengkan constitution and pengelembungan of sebauh mendiskriminatifkan budget and human rights in terms of its legal basis to protect the basic rights by laws negara.Bahwa legislation that is detrimental to welfare of the majority, because not in accordance with its constitution Constitution perikeadilan perikemanusian and 45 in general! [yay] [poke]
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