my way to preload images! haha
Update Coming Soon! Check out Skem9's future roadmap
For starters, At the current time that I am writing this up I have not released the layouts page. The questions here within are common questions that I do believe will arise from time to time using the layouts page.
NO! That would defeat the whole purpose of this site. I like to keep things free, and I wish everything was free.
NO! Though it would be nice to add your own style of layouts and creations to our database for other uses to browse through IT IS NOT required for you to post any layouts you have made.
Once you are signed in you will see a little icon underneath each layouts pictures that says "Add 2 Favorites", Once you click on that icon you will be redirected to your favorites page with your newly added favorite layout!
There are many purposes Skem9. One which I would like to think is the most important is that by submiting a layout, or image that you have made, shows off your style and what you like and perhaps there are other users out there that would like your style also!
Sure! Just get in touch with us via email - john[at]skem9[dot]com
Yes, I, John ( owner), have created and coded this website and all that is within myself with some help of some popular frameworks, and plugins. For a list of some of the frameworks, and plugins we used, please check out our Humans.txt file.

I did not create all of the layouts, images, or write the tutorials that are posted here though. Most of the layouts you see within have been submited by many of the members of the site.
Its far more simple then you would think, at least for Windows users, and I think Linux is the same way. Heres the steps:
  1. Once you're on the page for what your layout looks like press the "Print Scrn / SysRq" button directly above the Insert key, and next to F12.
  2. Open up any kind of Photo Editing program you currently have on your computer, Paint will work just fine.
  3. Once you have that open, press Control and V at the same time. It should then paste the page you just took a screen shot of there. If it doesnt, make sure you pressed the Print Screen button on the page, and then try it again. If it still doen't work you can go to edit at the top, and paste.
  4. Once you have what the page looked like, you can move everything that isnt needed off, or cut it out. In Paint, you will be able to see a black little dot in the right bottom corner of the screen which you can move to make the size a little smaller, and to cut excess space out.
  5. You're then going to have to save the image as a GIF, JPG, or PNG picture format because BMP isn't that web-safe to dial up users, and may not load fast for cable users also. And there ya go! You just took a screen shot of something on the computer, and saved it. You can then upload that to show everyone a preview of what the layout would look like.

As for people that have Macs, I'm sorry, but I've never messed with a Mac so I truely have no idea how to do it, but I did find a tutorial on it for you to check out -
There could be a couple reasons, and heres the full list of them to this day (June 21st 2006)
Layout was blank
Theres no reason to try to submit a layout if you're not gonna have it styled in anyway.
Uploaded Preview Pic is Different then the Layout
Acceptable pictures to upload for the layout would include a screen shot of the layout, the background image of the page, or tables. So even if the layout looks awesome and the preview picture is not of the layout, it will be removed. Reasons for this: If you see a picture of a purple fairy for the preview image, and then go look at the layout and see skulls and flames, the person browsing the site will be like "What the.. this dudes on crack!".
Layout is from another site
The layout pages within are for layouts that you have made. Not someone else's work. If you like a layout that is on another site, cool, awesome, use it if you like it! but please do not post them within unless you have created it.
Copyrighted Images
Some sites artist out there do not allow people to use the images they have made for anything. I've gotten a bunch of e-mails from some of these creators requesting that I remove the layout that was on the site because they didnt want it to be there.
Goodies are a form of sending online "electronic" gifts to other users on the site
You can go to your Account Settings page, and you'll see the option at the top to create your custom Skem9 URL
You can go to your Customize Profile page, and you'll be able to choose before the Old School layout / theme for skem9 and the facelift theme which is our current profile style. Once you select your theme you can put your own customized CSS within the box provided, or browse the layouts for skem9 designs, and you'll be able to click the "Add to Profile" link under that layouts code to add it to your Skem9 profile.