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KK designz

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  • 28
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  • Female
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  • morgue
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  • 05/23/12, 11:40am
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My Goodies
4 leaf clover
4 leaf clover
strip the world && paint it fuckin black

my weakness's

x music
x monsters ( drink way too many)
x voodoo dolls
x facepaint
x nights
x graveyards
x brandon lee & the movie the crow
x wrestling - randy orton & CM punk
x long drives with my music
x sushi or anything asian
x vampires & not the sparkly kind
x skunks >.< lil baby ones
x horror movies

User Picture..

User Picture..

im kk aka rayne. lizzy borden's & elmo's illegitimate love child. Im a part time nutcase.. bar wench.. & a certified late night creeper. I dont take life too seriously. nobody gets out alive so why not have some fun along the way. I very rarely think before I speak. Im uncencored but easy to get along with for the most part if your not easily butt hurt. Im thick skinned & will give as good as I get. I love the weird.. creepy & morbid. theirs beauty in everything living or dead. I like viewing the world upside down with my own slant on things. In my head resides a wonderland of insanity... The macabre & twisted & the sugary rainbows. I enjoy frolicing amongst the fairies just as much as creeping in the dark....

There is no such thing as normal. just different degrees of madness. mine changes day by day.

User Picture..

i dont usually do alot of requests but if you ask nicely Im sure I will help. If your gonna be an ass about it then you'll get nothing. Give as many details as possible & dont be impatient

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aesthetic perfection - the ones

Neuroticfish - Prostitute


Would you believe me if I told the reasons why
You can't rest, and drink yourself to sleep at night?
Now, like it matters, you can't escape, don't even try
We speak what no one knows

You lie awake and you hope it's all in your head
You're counting teeth with your tongue, are they all there?
There's no relief in the dark from what isn't there
But you don't feel alone

We are the ones you should be fearing
Coming in the night and take your teeth away
Now sew up your mouth and go to sleep, cause
We'll be there soon to break your heart and spite your faith

blah blah

ive got nothing

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KK designz Has 227 Comments(s)

Athena ~ 11/21/13, 11:28am
I love all your layouts! I use your layouts for most of my things, except VF since the codes doesn't work there, but I would love to have the leopard layout for my VF, is it by any chance that you can make that one go with VF too?
mikeyisdead ~ 07/16/13, 6:16am
i wonder if you able to make your layout for XD

without top friend / comments :p
its not requests just wondering
KK designz ~ 07/16/13, 12:19pm
i have a friendproject acc ill see if I can
mikeyisdead ~ 07/17/13, 12:24am
Sweet i hope you can pull it off :]
KK designz ~ 07/17/13, 3:05am
me too lol
ive started. been awhile since ive done anything like myspace. ill prob be a few days
sneakytarantula ~ 06/18/13, 8:38am
your welcome KK =D
Hisiloveyou ~ 06/10/13, 5:44am
sent u a message on "raynes batcave" =]
KK designz ~ 06/10/13, 1:01pm
ok girl
sneakytarantula ~ 04/27/13, 9:09am
Your welcome doll,Always a pleasure ;)
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 04/12/13, 1:13am
I just love adjusting codes lol [raspberry]
KK designz ~ 04/12/13, 4:44am
its fun hey...... not [lol]
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 04/12/13, 3:49pm
[lol]....Love the contact buttons on here, they're cute [smile]
KK designz ~ 04/12/13, 4:52pm
thanks the site you used got me searching lol
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 04/14/13, 3:24am
You're welcome [smile] It's easier to get them from there then making them lol [lol]
KK designz ~ 04/14/13, 3:32am
thats for sure. im a button hater [lol]
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 04/14/13, 4:15am
They never look good when I make them lol
KK designz ~ 04/14/13, 8:00am
im never happy with mine either. i think they look good then i look on the screen & YUKK~!! [lol]
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 04/15/13, 3:21am
That's how I feel lol [raspberry]
KK designz ~ 04/15/13, 4:18am
why are they so difficult?? their just buttons bwahahaha
BeautifullyBroken's Test ~ 04/09/13, 2:58am
Peekaboo! [boo]
KK designz ~ 04/09/13, 3:00am
BOOO~!!! [raspberry]
BeautifullyBroken's Test ~ 04/09/13, 3:15am
This looks pretttty [smile]
KK designz ~ 04/09/13, 3:16am
thanks...its an old one im fixing. i cant think of anything new to do lol
BeautifullyBroken's Test ~ 04/09/13, 3:28am
You're welcome. I'm trying to make one as I work on ChaCha lol
KK designz ~ 04/09/13, 3:30am
im trying to find something to do. editing sux [lol] hope you come up with something. i wanna see =)
BeautifullyBroken's Test ~ 04/09/13, 3:57am
I'm sure you will come up with something, you always do [wink] I've only added the background on mine so far lmao [lol]
KK designz ~ 04/09/13, 3:59am
i will eventually i just hate the process until i do [lol]i get bored lmfao
BeautifullyBroken's Test ~ 04/09/13, 4:06am
Yes, the process of coming up with an idea for a new layout can be a pain in the ass lol
KK designz ~ 04/09/13, 4:08am
just a lil [lol]
i work better at night w/out distractions lol
BeautifullyBroken's Test ~ 04/09/13, 4:52am
I hear you there lol
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 04/08/13, 1:26am
Arrghh the add button was being a pain in the butt so I gave up lol [raspberry]
KK designz ~ 04/09/13, 2:34am
[lol] its ok lyts do that to you
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 03/22/13, 7:24pm
Awesome layout Miss Diva! [smile]
KK designz ~ 03/24/13, 10:33am
it is girl but not mine =p
i hope everything is good with you miss diva [love]
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 03/27/13, 8:40pm
Everything is good, still trying to get some things going for me (wic, etc). Trying to get caught up in school plus working on ChaCha again, need the money lol :P
KK designz ~ 03/28/13, 4:17pm
whats wic?
well I hope it all works out for you & yeah it feels better when you have some cash. Im trying too & all I am lately is tired blahhh
вєαυтίfυℓℓγ♪♥♥♫вяØӄєи ~ 03/30/13, 2:45am
WIC is where you can get milk, bread, eggs, cheese, and so on when you're pregnant. Yes, it does feel much better when you have cash on hand and not feel so damn broke lol. I feel your pain about being tired all the time =/. I'm also trying to get set with an OBGYN but I need a family doctor first blah. I keep trying to get ahead but I keep getting pushed back *sigh*. How is Drav doing? Good I hope [smile].
User Picture.. ~ 02/22/13, 5:50am
OOh, love this KK!
KK designz ~ 03/24/13, 10:32am
thanks but i forgot which one i had lol

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