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Gaia Online Themes

You would be putting the code for this in your Theme page. You can get there by Hovering over My Gaia, then clicking on Account. Youll then see the Theme link on the right side, so click that and you put the code in the box there. Also on the Account page, in Preferences make sure your layout is set to current and not classic (Right under the timezone) when you use these layouts otherwise the layout wont look as expected.

We do offer a GaiaOnline Layout Generator for people to use.

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A Golden Warrior

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Layout made by Mordwen_Mondovul
07/30/15, 9:57pm
i got the Background from "" they get all the credit ... Read More
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Fantasy, Gold, Warrior, Guild, Wars
Fantasy, Gold, Warrior, Guild, Wars,

Warrior Princess

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Layout made by HunnyBunBun
08/25/12, 8:45pm More layouts from HunnyBunBun
Anime, warrior, princess, adventure, time
Anime, warrior, princess, adventure, time,