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Ning Themes

To add a layout code to your Ning page, click the "Customize" My Page link below your image.
At the top of this page it will say "Edit the Appearance of Your Page"
Scroll down past the theme choices to the area that says "Now, make it unique"
Here there are three tabs,

* Basic Theme
* All Options
* Advanced

To add your code you will want to click on "Advanced"

Once here you will likely see another code.
Just delete that code and paste in your new code.
Once you have your code pasted in there click on Save.

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the crow

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Layout made by Prescription Happiness
11/22/12, 12:26pm
fb banner made into a layout
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Dark, blue, crow, brandon, lee, draven
Dark, blue, crow, brandon, lee, draven,

Stars and Stripes Skinny Ning 2012

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Layout made by User Picture..
08/04/12, 1:45am
The banner image is by scrapsdimensions. I made the layout's backgrounds, buttons, comment box ... Read More
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Girly, blue, black, stars, stripes
Girly, blue, black, stars, stripes,