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If you're a member of you'll be able to customize you're profiles as well! Heres the selection of layouts our members have created for their profiles. To use one of the layouts within here, you have to go to your "My Account" pages, and then on the left side you'll see the link named "Customize Profile", you can put the code within there.

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girls are evil

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Layout made by Prescription Happiness
04/23/13, 8:39am
something i found on fb. made bg etc myself
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Humor, girls, evil, boys
Humor, girls, evil, boys,

Im just me

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Layout made by User Picture..
07/06/12, 1:52am
I got the image used in this layout from - made in psp w/wallpapers.
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Happy, girls, happy, layout, profile
Happy, girls, happy, layout, profile,