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Skem9 V2 (Old School)
01/12/13, 11:37pm
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This layout is for Skem9 V2 (Old School)

Posters Notes

I made this layout with a free desktop from mywallpaperbase. I made the layout's buttons, comment box and headers with PDN/PSP. This layout was made to be used on individual profiles. No other website has my permission to host this layout or the images used in the layout.

Notes about Skem9 V2 (Old School) layouts

If you're a member of you'll be able to customize you're profiles as well! Heres the selection of layouts our members have created for their profiles. To use one of the layouts within here, you have to go to your "My Account" pages, and then on the left side you'll see the link named "Customize Profile", you can put the code within there.
User Picture.. ~ 01/13/13, 10:54pm
Thanks for the comment NJ! Me too ref to spring. I love snow if I can be at home, but when it snows or ices (we get more ice that than snow) when I'm can really make you dislike snow or rather the idiots out in it that can't drive in a spring shower. Southerners just don't know how to drive in snow and particularly ice. It's been almost 80 degrees here yesterday and today and I am truly loving it!
User Picture.. ~ 01/13/13, 12:55pm
very frosty! I think its comming back this week. blah im ready for spring!
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