my way to preload images! haha
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Old School Myspace V 1
07/22/12, 9:53pm
Skem9 Admin
This layout will work on Friend Project, Site Model, and Role Player.

Posters Notes

This layout was submited to prior to 2009, and we're working on bringing back some of these layouts. Sorry we have no records of who submitted it, or where the images came from. If you know, let us know!

Notes about Old School Myspace V 1 layouts

Even though MySpace doesnt allow you to customize their profile anymore, there are a few sites out there that use MySpace's old layout coding to customize their site, and you can find some of them layouts here. The best place to put your layout code within this site is within the 'About Me' section or within one of your 'Interest' columns that you are using.

Some websites that use MySpace's old coding include Site Model, Friend Project, and Role Player
User Picture.. ~ 09/27/12, 10:20pm
this one was done by sweetlachick aka kelly

user rated this layout a 5 out of 5
sweetlachicks tester ~ 09/23/12, 12:18am
i made this layout =] images came from google cept bg and table i made those lol

user rated this layout a 5 out of 5
Skem9 Admin ~ 10/02/12, 1:33am
I should figure out a way to transfer these layouts to the users account when this comes up.. something to add to my to-do list for the new layout on the site [smile]
sweetlachicks tester ~ 10/02/12, 1:12pm
yeah thats a good idea!
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