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Skem9 .^. Website Tutorials | Submited Jun 13, 2012

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Be famous; Watermark your layouts.

This is a shiny new CSS3 thing, but any browser newer than IE7 should be able to support it sufficiently.

The idea is that you insert text into an element. Ideally, if you replace the text, rather than appending it, this should be a useless element, like that thing in #Umenu that says "300 Layouts." Inserting text into someones actual profile content is sleazy. I didn't like it when layout sites did it in 2006, and I don't like it now.

Here's a sexy code example:

#head:after{content:"Layout By Mr. Evil"; display:block;}

That would do this:
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I know that looks stupid, I'm just showing the effect of the code.

There's a bunch of areas that can feasibly have a background image, and also don't hold any content. You can make use of that space by putting a watermark image. For example, the padding between #contents2 and the actual profile:
#contents2{background:url('') left 100px scroll no-repeat;}

That would produce this:
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ul#Umenu li:nth-child(6){font-size:0; letter-spacing:-1px}
ul#Umenu li:nth-child(6):after{font-size:12px; letter-spacing:0; content:"Layout by Mr. Evil"}

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(Click for full)
#search form{display:none;}
#search{position:absolute; position:fixed; top:92%; left:0;}
#search:after{content:"Layout by Mr. Evil"}

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.goodies:after{content:"Layout by Mr. Evil"}

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.commentForm:before{font-size:14px; content:"Layout by Mr. Evil"}

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#foot:after{content:"Layout by Mr. Evil"; display:block}

Are you seeing a pattern on how to do this? Use your creativity.

Barbous ~ 02/07/18, 10:56am
Thank you so much for this helpfull tutorial.
rickslot ~ 11/01/17, 12:31pm
Great! Thanks for your tutorial.
User Picture.. ~ 06/14/12, 3:01am
User Picture..
[jumping] [rocking] [jumping] [rocking] [jumping] [rocking] [jumping]
User Picture.. ~ 06/13/12, 6:16pm
Thanks B. I have been playing around with it and putting a "layout by tag" in places where there was coding for a url, but I hadn't been using a url. Just never thought about doing it or that it could be utilized for that. As in the GoodiePopBox, the foot and comments. I'm gonna play with the above and see if I like it better. Thank you again:}