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Desserts .^. Recipes | Submited Oct 9, 2012

Written by: sweetLAchick

just a recipe from my grandmas book that she has had with some of her old recipes in for years lol
5 cups tart apples peeled and sliced (thinly)
1 heaping cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 heaping cup cornstarch
2 tablespoons of margarine

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
2/3 cups, plus 2 tablespoons of Crisco
1/4 cup of cold water

Set oven to 425 degrees

1. Peel apples and set aside.

To Make Crust:

2. Mix filling ingredients of cinnamon, sugar, salt, and corn starch and set aside.
3. Mix flour and salt in large mixing bowl.
4. Cut shortening into flour/salt mixture with fork or pastry blender to form small pea sized pieces.
5. Add cold water slowly and mix, finally using fingertips to form a ball.
6. Cut the ball into two parts, one slightly larger than the other.
7. Place larger part on plastic wrap and cover with a second piece of wrap.
8. Using a rolling pin, roll from the center out, until the dough is approximately 12" in diameter.
9. Dust 9" foil pan with flour.
10. Peel top wrap off crust.
11. Flip crust into pan crust side down, wrap side up.
12. Gently press the crust into the pan. Obviously, this is the bottom crust. Peel off the plastic wrap.


13. In a medium sized bowl, place apples. Add the filling ingredients of cinnamon, sugar, salt, and corn starch (previously mixed.)
14. Mix the ingredients until no flour/sugar is apparent, but not until the mixture becomes watery.

Assembling the pie:

15. Roll out second crust, identical to the first.
16. Decide what design you want to use to let steam escape.
17. Place apple mixture into the pie pan.
18. Dot the apples with two tablespoons of margarine.
19. Wet the edge of the bottom crust with water.
20. Peel the plastic wrap from the top crust.
21. Flip the top crust onto the pie.
22. Press the two crusts together around the rim of the pan.
23. Trim the overhang of the two crusts evenly and turn the combined crusts under, even with the edge of the pan.
24. Crimp the edge any way you may like
25. Place the pie pan on a 12" pizza pan, cover the entire pie with a piece of foil, tucking under at the edges.
26. Make a hole in the center of the foil and roll back strips of foil all the way to the edge, turning under to protect edge from excessive browning.

Bake the pie:

27. Place in 425 degree oven for approximately 60 minutes.
28. After approximately 53 minutes, remove the foil from the edge to allow the edge to brown.
29. Sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar (or just sugar) over the pie.
30. Let the pie bake for 7 more minutes. (or, until the edge appears to be done)
29. Remove pie and place on cooling rack.

Try to let the pie set till cool for best presentation. (juices will thicken and make handling a bit easier)

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