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Bootstrap V2 Search icon in navbar search

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/26/12, 3:27am Browse more tutorials by Yohn

Heres an easy way to display a clickable search icon within twitter bootstraps navbar search field instead of having to use a button and still have the rounded corners for the search field

Twitter Bootstrap Website Tutorials

twitter bootstrap search icon navbar css navbarsearch

How to put a banner image above your profile

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/23/12, 9:30pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

If you want to put a banner image above your skem9 profile heres the code..

Skem9 Website Tutorials

skem9 facelift v3 profile code header image

Bootstrap V2 Affix like alternative to the navbar fixed top class

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/15/12, 3:47pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

The Affix plugin within Bootstrap is nice, when you put something under it those contents jump up when the user reaches the point where the Affix plugin starts. Heres a simple solution without using the affix plugin to allow a header above the navbar

Twitter Bootstrap Website Tutorials

Bootstrap v2 navbar affix fixed top header

Bootstrap V2 Sliding Dropdown Menus

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/15/12, 3:30pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

To get a slide down dropdown menu with bootstrap is pretty easy, and only takes a couple lines of code. You can see an example of this by hovering over the navbar links here on this site, for non members the forum link is the only one that drops down.

Twitter Bootstrap Website Tutorials

bootstrap v2 navbar dropdownmenus slide fade fading sliding javascript jquery js

Bootstrap V2 Mobile Grid Columns

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/15/12, 3:18pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

Currently theres no simple way to add columns to the Bootstrap css framework. All of the block elements stand on top of each other, which in some case look funny. Heres a code to help fix that problem.

Twitter Bootstrap Website Tutorials

bootstrap v2 mobile responsive grid columns media css rows

Skem9's Facelift V3 Profile CSS help

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/12/12, 9:27pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

I'll start a tutorial for the new version 3 / facelift skem9 profiles, with what the classes are and how to find everything..

Skem9 Website Tutorials

skem9 css facelift profile codes styles

Homemade Apple Pie

Submited by: sweetLAchick @ 10/09/12, 3:03pm Browse more tutorials by sweetLAchick

just a recipe from my grandmas book that she has had with some of her old recipes in for years lol

Desserts Recipes

homemade apple pie

Create Cut-Out Text

Submited by: Skem9 Admin @ 07/05/12, 11:54am Browse more tutorials by Skem9 Admin

Cutout text will make your text or object appear as if it were carved into a texture. This tutorial uses selections with a couple of built in effects to create it in Paint Shop Pro 7. (Sorry, I didn't do screen shots but if it makes it easier, I will)

Paint Shop Pro Image Tutorials

cut out text paint shop pro

How to add Comments to Tumblr Blog

Submited by: Yohn @ 07/01/12, 2:47am Browse more tutorials by Yohn

If you are trying to figure out how to add comments, or disqus comments onto your tumblr theme then this should help you do just that.

Tumblr Website Tutorials

tumblr disqus comments customization customizing blog

Tumblr Theme Help, a Meta Tag Guide

Submited by: Yohn @ 07/01/12, 2:31am Browse more tutorials by Yohn

A quick guide to help layout makers understand how tumblr formats the meta tags within their layouts code. This will help you to allow your layout to be more customized without the user having to edit the layouts code.

Tumblr Website Tutorials

meta tags tumblr theme layout customization

How to have Random Text strings or images

Submited by: Yohn @ 06/30/12, 6:33am Browse more tutorials by Yohn

If you want to know how to display something at random, then heres a simple how to, to pull it off

PHP Coding Tutorials

random array text images php

Text Base PHP Signin Script

Submited by: Yohn @ 06/30/12, 6:18am Browse more tutorials by Yohn

A simple and easy to use signin script for your website.

PHP Coding Tutorials

text based php signin login script code

Quick Tip - Watermarking Your Layouts

Submited by: User Picture.. @ 06/13/12, 10:27am Browse more tutorials by User Picture..

Be famous; Watermark your layouts.

Skem9 Website Tutorials

watermarks credit layouts

DIV Positioning in the stylesheet

Submited by: Skem9 Admin @ 06/04/12, 10:50pm Browse more tutorials by Skem9 Admin

A lot of times in creating a layout I want to get rid of certain things. I have provided you with codes to get rid of anything that you might want to get rid of.

VampireFreaks Website Tutorials

DIVs Positioning Creating boxes scrollboxes

How to get GaiaOnline gold Faster

Submited by: Yohn @ 05/29/12, 5:01am Browse more tutorials by Yohn

If you're looking for a way to get more gold faster than usual heres a couple tips I found to do so..

Gaia Online Website Tutorials

gold gaiaonline fast faster rich

I Can't Believe It's Not Potato Salad!

Submited by: X @ 05/29/12, 4:47am Browse more tutorials by X

Awesome alternative to the typical Potato Salad. Has AWESOME flavors!!! And it's good for you, too!!

Side Dishes Recipes

Cauliflower salad sides creamy

Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

Submited by: User Picture.. @ 05/28/12, 2:25pm Browse more tutorials by User Picture..

Good hot or cold!!! My husband and his friends all love these, you can make minor adjustments depending on your tastes!

Appetizers Recipes

spicy hot bacon peppers

Scroll Bar

Submited by: User Picture.. @ 05/27/12, 1:04am Browse more tutorials by User Picture..

Scroll Box

CSS Coding Tutorials

scroll box bar

How to take a screenshot of the page your viewing

Submited by: Yohn @ 05/26/12, 1:54pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

If you dont know how to take a picture of what you're viewing online and save it then heres an easy how to for it.

General Computer Help Coding Tutorials

screenshot page print picture screen shot

Upload and resize images with imagemagick in PHP

Submited by: Yohn @ 05/24/12, 4:01pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

Heres a simple function for upload an resizing an image. The function resizes the image into 3 different size, Small, Medium, and Large. You need to have imagemagick enabled on your server for this to work.

PHP Coding Tutorials

imagemagick upload images resize resizing