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How to put a banner image above your profile

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/23/12, 9:30pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

If you want to put a banner image above your skem9 profile heres the code..

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skem9 facelift v3 profile code header image

Skem9's Facelift V3 Profile CSS help

Submited by: Yohn @ 11/12/12, 9:27pm Browse more tutorials by Yohn

I'll start a tutorial for the new version 3 / facelift skem9 profiles, with what the classes are and how to find everything..

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skem9 css facelift profile codes styles

Create Cut-Out Text

Submited by: Skem9 Admin @ 07/05/12, 11:54am Browse more tutorials by Skem9 Admin

Cutout text will make your text or object appear as if it were carved into a texture. This tutorial uses selections with a couple of built in effects to create it in Paint Shop Pro 7. (Sorry, I didn't do screen shots but if it makes it easier, I will)

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cut out text paint shop pro

How to Put Youtube Videos On Skem9 Profile

Submited by: User Picture.. @ 05/19/12, 10:40pm Browse more tutorials by User Picture..

How to put youtube videos on skem9 basically.

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Skem9 Youtube Profile