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A lot of things have changed with me since the site went down. I am now a puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind The puppies are trained for the Blind and for America Vet Dogs. Even some of the puppies become alert dogs if they see the puppy does alert. I can't think of a better way to spend my time then to help someone who needs help. My profile pic is the pic of my first Guide Dog Puppy, T.D., he is a 8 week old black Lab. I have had him for less then a week and he is doing GREAT! If anyone is interested in doing this please feel free to contact me and I will give you more info on the Foundation. (Even college kids can do it) I know you will love it!

Yes I'm John's Mom. Sometimes I admit it and sometimes I don't!! You have to really know John to figure out what I'm talking about......ha ha ha

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User Picture.. ~ 09/05/12, 4:24am
Hi I finally got back with the help of John
Deb ~ 09/12/12, 4:31am
woooooooo hooooooooooo. I kept checking with him to see if he got you back into your account. I'm so glad he did. Glad to see your back on the site. I just have to get back in the swing of Skem again. lol lol
User Picture.. ~ 08/24/12, 9:36pm
Awww Deb, just read about the puppy training! How cool! I would love to be involved in something like that one day.
Deb ~ 08/29/12, 3:18am
OMG I'm having so much fun doing it. The puppy I have now is great!!!!
User Picture.. ~ 07/05/12, 11:32pm
you are welcome. I'm doing good. Just done my cleaning for tonight. Now I'm just relaxing and checking out my friends.
shonna ~ 06/02/12, 4:45pm
hi just stoppen by showen some love today ...hope all is well with you.hugs shonna
User Picture.. ~ 05/28/12, 6:12pm
Oh good luck with that!! As a mother of a 24 year old still living at home, I know all too well the challenge that can be! lol. Holiday is nice n quiet for us. We had the big blow out here yesterday and I'm still recovering. I don't even remember going to bed last night and I don't drink! lmao. How's your Holiday so far? Happy Memorial Day! OOOO needle John just a little...I am waiting patiently for my addict status back..lmao. I feel nekid! lol
User Picture.. ~ 05/28/12, 12:39pm
You've been vewy vewy quiet.. should we be skeered??? lol
Deb ~ 05/21/15, 12:55am
Everyone should be scared for sure. :) :) <3
User Picture.. ~ 05/27/12, 2:25am
okay,no problem i'm sure we have alot to catch up on :)
User Picture.. ~ 05/26/12, 7:26pm
hey deb,call me sometime lets catch up ok? xoxoxoxox
LaDii ReD ~ 05/23/12, 10:05pm
reallii?? john talks about me alot to you?? :] im blushing... hehe. yea im glad that he got his site back up. i LOVE skem9!!! :)
User Picture.. ~ 05/21/12, 11:47pm
Hiiiiii...that puppy is so cute!! What an awesome idea!! If I ever own my own place again I might look up about doing it here in Aussie Land!! You're would be a great way to spend time helping others :)

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