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Sorry for the delay on bringing the site back up again. As some people know, the previous host got shut down for some reason, and that same day someone stole my computer with all my coding on it. Which sucked because I didnt have anything backed up, just olddd sloppy code that most of it didnt work.

After a long time of re-building the site, I believe I have a steady beta release which is what you are seeing today. Thanks for sticking with us in our process to re-build everything. More features will be coming soon ;)

Below is one banners that I created for If you would like to put it on your page to help promote the site then please, feel free too! The code for it is directly under the picture.

If you would like to create a picture or banner for the site to be posted here then go for it! I'll put it here and a link up to your myspace or skem9 profile if you wish :)! Chech it out
Created By JimmyDreak
I have come up with a way for some people to show their thanks to us if you would like to. A good way to do this would be to take a sign picture of yourself saying something about Skem9, and then you can e-mail it to us! We will then be putting them on the our website somewhere as long as they're legit! If you want to have a link up to your page please include that within the email. You can email us at john[at]skem9[dot]com.